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You can earn thousands of rupees even on a small farm, know all about it. Atmanirbhar Bharat- What is Integrated Agriculture in India? What are the components of the integrated agricultural system? -News18

New Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given the motto of self-reliant India. The agricultural sector can also make a great contribution to achieving this goal, provided that farmers adopt integrated agriculture. The same farmer can not only increase his income by doing many kinds of work on his farm, but he can also become a helper in the progress of the country. Today we tell you the story of a farmer from Jaipur who has given a new dimension to agriculture by adopting this IFS model.

What is Integrated Agriculture?With this, any farmer can make a profit throughout the year. In this system, the products and residues left over from one component can be used for another component. If you are engaged in poultry farming, you can feed the fish beets from poultry. Due to this, there will be more number of fish, which will bring profit, and secondly, the water in that pond can be used for irrigation. If animal husbandry is also done with this, good profits can be made by selling cow and buffalo milk.

Let’s visit the farm of farmer Surendra Awana
Progressive farmer Surendra Awana is giving a new dimension to farming in Bichoon village near Jaipur. On the one hand, while the country’s farmers are slowly moving away from farming saying that they cannot survive, on the other hand, Surendra Awana is suggesting ways to make multiple profits from farming by adopting the IFS farming model i.e. , the Integrated Agricultural System. . The government is also urging farmers to adopt integrated farming instead of relying solely on traditional farming.

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Integrated farming means that along with farming, other jobs related to farming should also be simultaneously adopted so that the cost of farming can be reduced and income increased. One of the main advantages of adopting integrated farming is that even if there is no income from one job for some reason, one can make a living from another job.

Increase income from many types of agriculture simultaneously

Surendra Awana does new age agriculture on her farm as well as jobs such as horticulture, medicinal agriculture, dairy farming, fish farming and manure production. Because all these functions are connected to each other, the cost is reduced. For example, fodder for cattle is produced on the same field. Animal waste is used to make manure. Similarly, the food for the fish also comes from farms and dairy products. Surendra Awana is growing 18 types of fodder on his farm. From this pluriannual forage, the income will be from 5 to 80 years. Not only this, along with traditional agriculture, Awana also displays crops such as apples, almonds, and strawberries in Marudhara.

There is a high demand for A2 milk
In addition to farming, Awana has raised around 170 native Gir cows while conducting large-scale dairy business. There is a high demand for A2 milk from this indigenous cow and it is sold at its prices. Cow urine manure from dairy products is used as a fertilizer in agriculture. To prepare and sell organic fertilizer, he has installed a plant on the farm itself. The cost of organic products prepared with compost is also high.

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Farmer Surendra Awana, who is also engaged in fish farming, says that this is a great source of income where a bigha of land can earn 10 lakhs in a year. There is also a government subsidy for fishing. The demand for fish is also high and the price is also high. At the same time, the importance of medicinal agriculture also increased in the Corona period. Surendra Awana has also started medicinal farming and big profits are expected in the future. Farmer Surendra Awana says the government’s goal is to double a farmer’s income by 2022, but income can be multiplied through integrated farming. Farmers and agricultural scientists from all over the country come to see this successful Surendra Awana model.undefined

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