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You can also create new companies like Paytm, Bharat Pay, you just have to do this work.

New Delhi. There was a boom in digital technology after the demonetization of 2016. As a result, many startups like Paytm, PhonePe, Bharat Pay have now taken the form of big companies. Prabhakar Tiwari, CGO of Angel Broking for News18, has investigated the technological innovation of early digital platforms and how opportunities exist in this area at scale.
Tiwari points out that Generation G, meaning the generation born after the year 2000, and Millennials (those born between 1980 and 2000) are known as tech savvy. So, whether they are brokerage houses, insurance companies, fintechs, digital payment gateways, etc. Everyone wants to capitalize on this new opportunity. The special thing is that to simplify a service of this type, an investment of resources is required to integrate new technology.
If you focus here you will get success

Digital platforms created by financial service providers are learning from popular social media apps in terms of attracting advertisers and customers. The idea is to create a platform that can become a comprehensive financial solution tool that can be an attractive alternative to existing and outdated systems. If you focus on this, you can be successful. In fact, young people can’t even imagine standing in line to withdraw cash, hand in checks, and go to banks to make their decisions. They prefer to manage their accounts remotely. With a slew of new stock investors from Tier II and III cities, most of whom are Gen Z and Millennials, even the broker has decided to lower the cost and make onboarding easier.
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The key to success, having all the options in one place
The general understanding in 2021 is that app users prefer to have all their favorite tasks on one platform, where they can share information, data, form groups, exchange media, etc. in one go. Businesses and brands today know that the average user spends more time on their smartphones and mobile apps than they do on TVs and personal computers. This is also true for financial planning, as people now aspire to multitask and make large-scale money-related decisions from a great distance.

Support for AI, machine learning, data analytics, and many more technologies
Looking from above, you will feel that this is a simple task related to financial allocation. However, the simplicity and novelty of the technology is lost when viewed broadly. By integrating AI, machine learning, data analytics, and many other technologies, fintechs are helping financial companies with cutting-edge solutions for every aspect of the value chain. Today, a customer’s preferences are tracked, analyzed, and recommendations made, all of which evolved from being aware of how to interpret this data and present what the customer needs most. Additionally, AI-powered chatbots can address customer issues and provide human response to processes, keeping them free of human error.

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Previously there were delays due to paperwork, long waiting period and other reasons.
Traditional procedures for financial institutions and other service providers involved delays due to multiple copies of documents, long waiting periods, and other reasons. But in comparison, digital platforms provide a great experience to users. No time or paperwork required. First, teams of technical experts and professionals design human-centric interfaces so that even the least digitally literate person can easily use the features of these applications. The user-friendly design and quick features were developed to work perfectly on all types of smartphones.

Decision making and the role of digital in millennials
Today’s millennials can invest in a physical commodity like gold in the form of a gold ETF. They don’t have to go to goldsmiths or banks to get property. They can buy gold as low as one gram only on digital payment gateways, which also provide services like investment in stocks, mutual funds, etc., as they understand the initial investment interest of young investors. New age digital brokerages also offer virtual trading features, literature and learning material on financial markets and the economics behind them, all of which can be optimized by the client while trading or transacting.

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