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Xiaomi New Mijia Smart Mosquito Repelant 2 Mosquito Killer Device Cheap Price Voice Command Smartphone Control aaaq

Xiaomi is known for its smartphones and now the company has launched a special machine. This machine will come in handy to repel mosquitoes. Xiaomi launched this machine last year, now its new version ‘Mijia Smart Mosquito Repellent 2’ has been released. According to a report from Gizmochina, the new version of this mosquito repellent comes with Bluetooth connectivity and XiaoAI voice control. Xiaomi has just launched this machine in China through crowdfunding.

How much is it? The Mijia Smart Moscato Repellent 2 machine can be purchased from May 12 through the crowdfunding platform. Triflutherin, which acts as an anti-mosquito agent, is used in this machine.

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The only repellent in this machine can be used up to 1080 hours. That is, if this machine is used every day for 8 hours, it can work for 4.5 months. The retail price of this Xiaomi machine is 69 yuan (about Rs 790). And its crowdfunding price is 59 yuan (about Rs 670).

You will get power modes
This Xiaomi machine is capable of covering a space of 28 square meters. Xiaomi has given two power modes in this machine. This machine can be powered by connecting via AA battery and USB-C cable. It has a built-in fan that spreads triflutherin everywhere.

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This machine can be connected to the phone via bluetooth. You can also set a timer on this machine and also check how much medication is left in it. When the machine is powered on in USB-C power supply mode, it can also be controlled by voice through XiaoAI.undefined

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