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Work thing: How much is the balance on FasTag? I don’t know, we tell you that you can verify the account in four easy ways.

New Delhi. The quality of roads in the country is continually improving and people are now making long journeys, even in their personal vehicles. However, for good roads you also have to pay a toll. Now the number of tolls is continuously increasing throughout the country, where the driver must pay the fee.

Before the arrival of FASTag, drivers had to pay the toll in cash, but after this installation there has been a lot of convenience. Even those who use FASTag arrive at the toll many times, not knowing how much balance is in their account. In such a situation, many times money is not deducted from the toll and has to be paid twice as much. To avoid this problem, there are four simple ways to know the balance of the toll. You can use any of these methods to find out the amount in your account.

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1- Find out the amount of fastag app
It’s easy to find out your account amount with the FASTag app. For this, you must first install the My FasTag app from the Google app. After entering the required information, your application will open and you can easily check your FASTag balance whenever you want.

2- Find out on the bank’s website
You can also check your FASTag balance from the bank’s website. Go to the website of the bank your FASTag account is linked to and enter the required information into the FASTag portal. After you log in, you can find the amount in your account by going to the bottom view balance.

3- Get SMS information
This is the easiest way, because your account is linked to any bank. After deducting the money at each toll, the balance information is given. If you have opted for the FASTag service, then with each deduction, the bank sends a message of the remaining amount. You can also know through these messages how much balance is left in the account.

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4- Call the toll-free number
If none of the above facilities work for you, you can also find out the amount in your FASTag account by calling the toll-free number provided by NHAI. For this, you need to sign up for NHAI Prepaid Wallet. After this, you can find out the balance by calling 8884333331.

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