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Why are people all over the world, including India, suddenly buying shares in the Hyderabad-based company Dr Reddy’s?

New Delhi. For the last two days, the pharmaceutical company Dr Reddys has been in the news continuously. Previously there were discussions about the company due to the agreement on the Russian Corona vaccine. At the same time, talks are now taking place about the company’s shares. On Friday, it was up 10 percent at a price of Rs 5,300. The company’s shares have touched this level for the first time. Today, the market capitalization of Dr. Reddy rose to about Rs 88.110 crore with an increase of 10 per cent. Whereas yesterday the market capitalization of the company was Rs 80239 crore. At the same time, in 6 months, investors’ wealth increased from Rs 41,521 crore to Rs 88,109 crore, that is, more than doubled. Experts say Dr Reddy’s has settled a patent dispute with Celgene regarding the cancer drug Revlimid. The company will now be able to sell this drug in the US after March 2022. The stock market has risen on this news.

Investors around the world are fiercely buying Dr. Reddy’s stock. Dr. Reddy’s stock rises in a week It has given extraordinary returns of 21 percent, 18 percent in 1 month, 91 percent in six months, 95 percent in one year.

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What should investors do now? The world’s largest credit rating agency, Credit Suisse, gave Dr Reddy’s a top rating and set a target of Rs 5,100 to Rs 5,750. Cash flow of up to $700 million is possible with generic Revlimid. It is one of two companies that sell Avigan in the United States. The company may increase its market share in Suboxone.

At the same time, the US bank Citi has said in its report that after March 2022, Revlimid can be launched in the US. This will be the third deal for Revlimid after Natco and Alvogen.

A great deal has been made regarding the Corona vaccine The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) will work closely with Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories to test and distribute its Covid-19 vaccine in India, Sputnik-5.

RDIF Executive Director Kirill Dmitriev gave this information on Wednesday. He said RDIF is in talks with Indian regulators to ensure all prerequisites for clinical trials of the vaccine are met.

Dmitriev said in an email interview to ‘PTI-Bhasha’: “An agreement has been reached between RDIF and Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Limited, a global pharmaceutical company based in India, to supply 100 million Russian Sputnik-5 vaccines and India They will also work together on clinical trials and distribution of vaccines in the US.

The Sputnik-5 vaccine against the coronavirus has been jointly developed by the Gamalaya National Pathology and Microbiology Research Institute and RDIF. Dmitriev said additional clinical studies of Sputnik-5 will be conducted in other countries, including Brazil, India, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Belarus. Russia said earlier this month that it was in contact with Indian authorities on the issue of the vaccine.undefined

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