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When there is an internet outage in the city, you can make your life easier in this way

Today, in the face of any tension or disturbance in the city, the administration first closes the mobile internet in order to maintain normality and control rumours. Mobile Internet shutdown can happen anytime, anywhere. At the same time, in this age of Digital India, much of our work has been done online. In such a situation, it cannot be denied that if your mobile internet stops suddenly, then many problems in life can arise. So, here we are telling you about some of these methods, through which you can avoid difficulties in case of sudden internet outage in your area.

Always carry cash with you:- Don’t always rely on UPI and always carry some cash with you. Especially when you travel somewhere. Let us tell you that in times of crisis, the government also stops paying UPI.

Keep Scanned Documents: If you travel, save a photo or scan of all documents on your smartphone so you can access them offline. Don’t always rely on Google Drive or Photos, keep a separate backup of important personal data in a folder on your smartphone.

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Download offline maps on Google Maps: Download an offline map of your state or place of residence on Google Maps. When 4G internet is not available or internet is not working, offline maps can be a great help for you.

Always keep enough balance for calls and SMS: With the combo package that offers unlimited calls, data and SMS, people forget to top up their mobile account with the proper amount of cash balance. If 4G connectivity is disabled and you must rely on 2G for communication, it is important to keep enough balance for calls and SMS.

Download and keep movies and songs: In the 2G era, we used to happily download songs, movies, games, and other content onto our hard drives. Applications like Spotify, Netflix have ended this habit. So download movies and songs manually on the phone.

Place Fixed Telephone at Home: It has often been seen that government personnel turn off the mobile internet to normalize the situation, but do not disturb the broadband connection. It may be a good idea to get a broadband connection in your home to avoid the hassle of internet outages.

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VPN usage: During a partial internet outage, a VPN app can help you stay connected to the internet. But when the Internet is completely closed, VPN apps will be of no use. In such a situation, there is nothing wrong with buying a reliable and paid VPN service.


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