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Useful: How to send notes and files to yourself on WhatsApp, know all the steps

New Delhi. If you are one of the millions of Indians who use WhatsApp regularly, you may open the app multiple times throughout the day or you may have placed the app on your home screen for your convenience where it is easier for you to access and open it. . Faced with such a situation, WhatsApp has become one of those applications where users spend most of their time.

If you send quick notes to your family or close friends, WhatsApp can be an option for sending notes. The way to make notes on WhatsApp is very easy. For this you just have to chat with yourself. In particular, WhatsApp allows you to share phone numbers, shopping lists, to-dos, and even important files in a single window. The best part is that this hack works on both Android and iPhone.

Chat with yourself on WhatsApp
Notes on WhatsApp are faster and more efficient. From jotting down phone numbers to shopping lists, to-dos, and even important files on WhatsApp, everything can be shared in one window. However, there is no auto chat option on this.

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How to create a WhatsApp note
It should be noted that for this you will need WhatsApp Web. This cannot be done directly in the app. So first log in to your WhatsApp web or desktop app and then bookmark in a new tab. Now replace X in the link with your 10-digit phone number. After that press enter.

You will now see the option to ‘Continue Chat’ and ‘Continue Web Chat’. Choose one of these options. After that, a chat window will open, where you can send a message to yourself. After sending the first message, you will also be able to use this chat in the app version. Now send notes fiercely to your own number.

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