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Upgrade your skills on GreyAtom, get jobs, pay fees after placement

New Delhi. The way technology is making a place for itself in our daily lives. At the same time, the field of education is also not an exception to this. In such a situation, edtech startups have prepared to make the traditional education system innovative and better. Today we will talk about one of those startups, Greyatom. Which is increasing employment opportunities by training our youth.

Sagar Dawde, who worked as a sales manager at the company until some time ago. But he caught on to the growing opportunity in data science. Greyatom got along well and now works as a data scientist at a renowned company. Abhi Shetty’s story is no different. After learning from Greyatom, he is able to give flight to his dreams.

3 friends started a company together
With the changing times, technology has also affected our educational system. But even today, young people cannot acquire skills through academics. To bridge this gap between education and industry, Shweta Doshi, Mitul Thakkar, and Mayuresh Shilotri started the educational technology company Greyatom in 2017. Also read: After Gasoline-Diesel, now the CNG will also be at home, this facility will be available in a single call

Being computer and electronic engineers, Shweta, Mitul and Mayuresh, taking lessons from the difficulties they faced in their careers, have created such a platform so that the student can gain maximum practical knowledge. This startup currently offers courses related to data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and front and back engineering.

Fees taken from salary when getting a job
As much as Greyatom has a different learning style, so does their revenue model. To become a Greyatom student, you must first pass the entrance exam. Then, after the course, when a job is found, a percentage of the salary must be paid as a fee.

So far, around 1,800 students have enrolled in this start-up focused on quality education, of which around 700 people have been placed. In view of the growing demand in this sector, Greyatom is working fast on its expansion plan.

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Within a year, investors liked the idea of ​​Greyatom and the company raised Rs 18 crore during the Series A financing. In recent years, companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have seen a growing demand for technology-trained professionals. In such a situation, startups like Greyatom are playing an important role.

(Harsh Verma, correspondent – CNBC Awaaz)

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