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Twitter down Users around the world upset, no effect in India

  • Reflexes
  • Twitter was down for a while.
  • People all over the world were upset.
  • No effect in India.

New Delhi. For many users around the world, Twitter stalled for a while on Thursday, causing quite a stir on social media. Although Twitter was not down for all users, many users have been affected by it. Outage tracking website Down Detector reported that some users on Twitter experienced outages on Thursday.

According to the website, users in other countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Mexico, Brazil, and Italy, have also reported that Twitter is not working. Thousands of users have filed reports on the Down Detector website that they are unable to use the web version of Twitter, mobile apps, and TweetDeck.

No special effects in India
This issue started on Twitter at 5:30 pm India time. At the same time, 54,609 users filed a complaint about Twitter going down at 5:46 pm, that is, after just 16 minutes. It was first reported by The Verge website. Although speaking of Indian users, it did not have any special effect in India.

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Before there was a blackout
Let us tell you that at the beginning of February too, Twitter had to face an outage, because the service of thousands of users was interrupted. At that time there was a bug in the company’s software, which was fixed by the microblogging website.

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