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Twitter comes with Co-Tweet feature, two people can tweet together

New Delhi. Twitter brings a special feature for its users, with the help of which two users will be able to tweet together. The social networking site has started testing this feature called Co-Tweet. The Co-Tweet feature allows two accounts to compose a tweet together. Twitter itself has confirmed it. Twitter says it has started experimenting with a new feature called Co-Tweet that “will help two authors share the spotlight, showcase their contributions, and connect with more people.”

In this regard, Twitter spokesman Joseph J. Núñez said in a statement to The Verge that we are exploring new ways for people to collaborate on Twitter. We are currently testing CoTweets for a limited time to learn how people and brands can use this feature to reach new audiences and strengthen their collaboration with other accounts.

Function available in many countries
In a tweet from the Create Twitter account, the company confirmed that the feature is available to select accounts in the US, Canada, and Korea. The Twitter FAQ has more information on how it works and what you can do. The company also warned that at the end of this experiment we may disable this feature and CoTweets created may be deleted.

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What is Co-Tweet?
A Co-Tweet is a co-authored Tweet that is posted simultaneously to authors’ profiles and their followers’ timelines. You’ll recognize a CoTweet when you see the profile pictures and usernames of the two authors in the header. CoTweets helps authors share the spotlight, unlock opportunities to engage May audiences, and grow their partnerships.

How do Co-Tweets work?
Once two authors have decided on the content of a tweet, one author must create co-Tweets and then invite the co-author. When a co-author accepts a co-tweet invitation, the CoTweet will immediately post to each author’s profile and the timeline of their followers. Please note that co-tweet content cannot be edited or adjusted once the co-tweet invitation is sent. Additionally, a Twitter user can send co-tweet invitations to people who follow them on the micro-blogging platform.

Let us tell you that this co-tweet feature is essentially for those creators and brands who want to collaborate on content and campaigns on the platform and is similar to the collaboration feature available on Instagram.

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