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Three friends turned their hobby into a business, earning millions of rupees a year

New Delhi. In recent years, many new food companies have sprung up in India. But when the business starts with the hobby of food, its flavor increases. Biryani By Kilo started with this hobby of 3 friends. This startup has left a big mark in its 4-year journey. With its authentic flavors and cooking style, this startup has become the first choice for biryani lovers.

3 friends started their business in 2015
The flavor you can’t forget, the spicy aroma that doubles the fun of eating, just what most biryani lovers need. But you don’t have to be in Hyderabad or Lucknow to eat such biryani. Whether at home or in the office, you will definitely remember Biryani By Kilo if you want to enjoy hot and delicious Dum Biryani. Fresh biryani prepared to your order at Handi. Kaushik Roy, Vishal Jindal and Ritesh Sinha, three friends, turned their biryani hobby into a business in 2015 through Biryani By Kilo. Also Read: This Business Started 1 Year Ago, Now Earning Thousands of Rupees

Dum Biryani started
Recipes from Lucknowi, Malabari and Hyderabadi made with authentic Basmati rice infused with Kerala spices make this startup different from the rest. It started with Dum Biryani and while the menu was sizzling with the masses and now from Kebabs, Korma to Phirni, Biryani By Kilo has started catering to foodies in all these segments.

The company opened 35 points of sale throughout the country.
This flavor of Biryani has also hit the entrance in Big Boss’s house. Along with this, it has also become the choice of many celebrities. With this popularity, the company has now opened 35 outlets across the country. The production of Biryani By Kilo already has 70 points of sale.

doing business of Rs 50 crore a year
To establish this strong business, Biryani By Kilo was helped by funding from CX partners IVYCAP Ventures. With this amount, the company is helping to reach the taste of biryani in countries such as Malaysia, Dubai and Indonesia. At present, Biryani By Kilo is doing a business of Rs 50 crore a year, but has set a target of Rs 80 crore by 2020.

Started the business 1 year ago with only 50 lakhs, today he earns in lakhsundefined

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