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This special Apple product is now closed after 20 years, after its release in 2001, everyone had become a fan of it.

Apple iPod Standby: Apple’s products are popular with everyone, and now the company has announced the closure of its iPod music streaming device, which arrived 20 years ago. Let us tell you that the iPod was introduced 20 years ago and the special thing is that it became the favorite music streaming device for music lovers at that time. According to the newsroom’s website, the company’s latest edition, the iPod Touch, will now be available only while supplies last. iPhone makers have announced that they will be discontinuing the iPod touch, the last remnant of the product line that first went on sale on October 23, 2001.

Over the course of 21 years, Apple released various editions of the iPod, but the product was gradually replaced by other products, most notably the iPhone.

Apple iPod is going to be discontinued. (Photo credit: GKTodayCurrentAffairs.Com)

The company stopped making the iPod Classic. The iPhone Classic was a click wheel edition and featured a smaller screen that was similar to the original edition in 2014, and in 2017, Apple stopped making its smaller music players, the iPod nano and iPod Shuffle.

started in 2001
The popular MP3 player debuted in 2001 and has a capacity of 1,000 tracks. Apple’s streaming service Apple Music now has more than 90 million songs available. It was designed by Tony Fadell who later invented the iPhone.

[mobileID=”rplB2yGXSWG” mobileBrand=”Apple” mobileName=”Apple iPhone 11 (128GB)” mobileDisplay=”quickView”]

Currently, the Apple iPod Touch is the only model available and it costs Rs 19,600 in India. This model comes in six colors: Space Gray, Silver, Pink, Blue, Gold, and Red, with storage capacities of 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB.

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