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This corporation from Delhi became a great example in garbage disposal, prepared fertilizer worth 25 lakhs of waste!

New Delhi. These days, the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (South MCD) is doing a great job of tackling the litter problem. For the past 6 months, SDMC has done a unique job of producing 1 lakh kg of organic compost by running 7 lakh kg of wet waste in just 2 rooms. By doing this manure, where SDMC has help in garbage disposal. At the same time, an amount of around Rs 7,00,000 has also been saved on shipping rubbish. According to the market, the cost of this fertilizer is estimated to be around ₹25,00,000.

It should be noted that SDMC neighborhood no. Established 5 Tagore Garden aerobic composting plants and 5 TDP with capacity located at Ward No. 9 Subhash Nagar. So far, an expense of ₹1,00,000 has been incurred on these two plants, while MCD has prepared manure worth about Rs 25,00,000 from these plants, in the same 6 months, 7 have also been disposed of ,00,000 kg of wet waste. of this waste in the landfill, instead of going out, the settlement is done in the same area.

This composted manure was distributed to the Southern Corporation Horticultural Department, Schools and RWA.

Today, Saturday, 10,000 kg of organic manure was delivered to the Department of Horticulture at the composting plant in Tagore Garden and Subhash Nagar. So far it has been used in 156 parks and will now be used in more parks. On this occasion, Deputy Commissioner Rahul Singh and Nodal Officer of the Swachh Bharat Rajiv Jain Mission and other high officials of the corporation were present.

On this occasion, Swachh Bharat Mission Nodal Officer Rajiv Jain said that this is the lowest cost composting plant in Delhi. Here a little soil and old manure is mixed with the waste to make organic compost and this compost is prepared in different modules such as a drum composter, mesh boxes of different sizes.

Nodal official Jain said it only takes three weeks to make manure. Segregation of wet and dry waste is currently being carried out in the 29 districts of the western region.

Jain said that if the cost of compost is calculated at the rate of Rs 25 per kg, then its total cost comes to Rs 25 lakh, while the construction cost of the entire composting plant is only Rs 1 lakh. This shows that it is an economical alternative to the disposal of organic waste.

Deputy Commissioner Rahul Singh welcomed the project. Only through such plants will the burden on landfills be reduced. In the last six months we have reduced 700,000 kg of landfill waste. We have saved Rs 7 lakh due to transporting garbage from households to landfills.

This effort is both environmentally friendly and, at the same time, proving to be helpful in reducing waste. He said that the organic fertilizer will also be distributed free of charge to citizens so that they are motivated to separate the waste into dry and wet.


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