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This bank offers free insurance up to Rs 50 lakh to get FD take advantage of this situation at home

New Delhi. The lockdown is being carried out in the country to prevent corona virus infection (coronavirus pandemic) and it is necessary to maintain social distancing. That is why most of the banks now emphasize online facilities more. In this episode, DCB Bank has launched a new facility for its customers. The bank offers customers online FD accounts, free life insurance, and good interest rates.

Meet the new DCB FD scheme…

CNBCTV18 According to reports, you can opt for DCB Zippi Online Suraksha fixed deposit to avail free life insurance or fixed deposit coverage. A FD holder can choose to compound quarterly or earn interest monthly or quarterly. As of June 3, 2020, the interest rate on three-year fixed-term deposits is 7.35 percent per year.

People anywhere in India can invest in DCB Zippi Online Fixed Deposit without opening a savings account with the bank.

Upon maturity of the FD, the principal amount and accrued interest are transferred to the client’s savings account from which the principal or investment amount in the FD was received.

According to the bank, investing in Zippi FD is completely contactless, there is no need to visit the bank branch for this. Customers can open, manage, and close this FD using their smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Get Rs 50 lakh free insurance –In this, life insurance cover is mainly available on all fixed deposits up to Rs 50 lakh. This means that having a fixed deposit amount of more than 50 lakhs will be eligible for free life insurance coverage up to a maximum of 50 lakhs.

The insurance coverage will be valid from the age of 18 until the account holder reaches the age of 55. PAN, registration and email identification are required to open it. FD’s term is 36 months.

The client is not required to pay a separate premium for life insurance coverage. A medical exam is also not required for coverage.

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