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This 15-year-old boy built an affordable electric bike while making the most of the lockdown

rampant. The year 2020 was nothing short of a long vacation for children around the world. This was the period for him, when he fiercely enjoyed himself, he was involved in computer games. But, a 15-year-old boy made the most of this vacation. Prathamesh Sutara, a resident of Nippani taluk in Belgaum district, has made an electric bike on his own in the midst of this epidemic. On this electric bike, he can cover a distance of up to 40 kilometers after charging once.

Actually, Prathamesh thought of some creative work during the lockdown amid the pandemic. He asked his parents to prepare an electric bicycle. Prathamesh’s father, Prakash Sutara, was happy to learn that his son was going to do some kind of work. Prakash Sutara is an electrician. Prathamesh was very supported by his family.

parts made from scrap
After this, Prathamesh started collecting all the rubbish, which could be used to make him a bicycle. Since his father is also an electrician, he got all the essentials from his father’s garage. Following this, Prathamesh manufactured a 48-volt cap-acid battery. Apart from this, he designed a motor each of 48 voltages and 750 watts and a rechargeable electric motor.

internet help
Speaking to News18, Prathamesh Sutara said: “Nowadays, fuel prices are skyrocketing and ordinary people can’t afford that much. The lockdown and even after that I stayed home. After the school closed, I thought in doing something on my own. After this I prepared an electric bike with the help of my father. For this, I also did some research on the Internet so that I could get the correct information.

I spent only 25 lakhs
Prathamesh has spent only Rs 25,000 to prepare this bike. If you look at the price of the electric bike available in the market, then it is very cheap.

Prathamesh said: ‘After a single charge it gives a mileage of 40 km. The maximum speed of this bike is 40 km/h. One special thing is that this bike also has a reverse gear.

the chest of the proud father
Prakash Sutara proudly says of his son’s achievement: ‘I am very happy for my son because he used his free time for a good job. Even after being an electrician, I myself did not have much knowledge about the mechanism of the electric bicycle. During this adventure, I also learned a lot from my son. I hope that one day he will do something great, so that we can be proud of it.

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