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These are the most expensive sweets sold in the country, the price is around 10 thousand rupees per kg

New Delhi. People who love to eat sweets often order and eat sweets of their choice at different places. For this they also spend more money than usual. One such sweet shop is in the city of Surat in Gujarat. The discussion that this candy is sold here is all over the country. After all, what is in this sweet that has become famous throughout the country? Let’s know your specialty. Well, the specialty of this sweet can be measured by its price. There is a store called 24 Carat Sweets Magic in the city of Surat. Where a sweet is sold for 9,000 rupees per kg.

However, despite this, a huge crowd of people with money is gathering to buy this sweet. The price of this candy is 9000 rupees per kg and the name of this candy is 24K gold candy. It’s not that only this candy is sold in 24 Carats Sweets Magic Shop, apart from this there are other candies as well. The price of which is the same as in other stores, but the owners of this store say that there is something more to these 24-karat gold candies.

Now you will say what is in this candy that is sold so expensive. The people in the store said that this candy is good for health. The customer expressed the hope that people would benefit from this sweet.

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The store owner told the specialty-
Rohan Mithaiwala, the owner of the store, said that we opened this store in 1932 with only four items. But today 135 types of sweets are sold here. People come from all over to buy this sweet. As soon as people realize that the consumption of gold is beneficial for health, they show their interest in buying this sweet. This special sweet is prepared from dried fruit and gulkand. Instead of silver, gold shell has been used.

Look how the gold sweets are, know the price…

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He said that some ingredients used in this sweet are imported from Spain. Everything that is used in it is pure. Preparations are underway to renew this traditional sweet and in 17 different flavors, including Chocolate, Strawberry, Mango.undefined

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