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There will also be profits from the bottle of water that is in the house, there will be big profits from the beginning…!

New Delhi: If the glucose bottle is also empty at home, you can now earn with it too. You can earn millions in a short time. Let us tell you that farming and agriculture are most popular in India but due to low rainfall in many places, farmers are unable to reap the fruits of their hard work. So, today we will tell you about such a technique, through which you can earn good money by farming with new technology.

Let us tell you that a farmer in Jhabua, a tribal dominated district of Madhya Pradesh, has won an extraordinary prize by making drip farming from the waste glucose bottle. Let us tell you that it was difficult to do farming in the hilly tribal area, so they brought out this new technology.

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Nursery made in a few days
He contacted the scientists of NAIP (National Agricultural Innovation Project) KVK in the year 2009-2010 and under their guidance started growing vegetables on a small plot of land during the winter and rainy season. This crop was absolutely appropriate for this type of terrain. Here he started to cultivate bitter gourd, sponge gourd. He soon set up a small nursery too.

suggested NAIP
Due to the lack of water there, his crop may be spoiled, so he again sought help from NAIP. Where the experts suggested that they adopt an irrigation technique with the help of Residual Glucose water bottles. He used plastic glucose bottles priced at Rs 20 per kg and cut off the top half to make an inlet for the water, then hung them near the plants.

He made so much profit in one season
Let us tell you that with the help of these bottles, they made the flow from drop to drop at a uniform speed. He then asked his children to fill all the bottles before going to school in the morning, in such a way that he made a profit of Rs 15,200 from 0.1 hectare of land after the season ended.

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Other farmers in the town also adopted this technique.
We tell you that in addition to saving water with this technique, they also prevented the plants from drying out. Apart from this, the waste glucose bottle is used plastic or else these bottles are always thrown in the trash. We told them that soon other farmers in the town also adopted it. Ramesh Baria received the Certificate of Appreciation from the Minister of Agriculture and District Administration, Government of Madhya Pradesh.undefined

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