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There was a lot of demand for this product during the Corona period, the government is giving a subsidy to start the business.

New Delhi. A month after the Modi government approved a program to benefit artisans in agarbatti making under the ‘Gramodyog Vikas Yojana’, its size and target number of beneficiaries have been increased. . Under the new program guidelines, its total size has been increased from Rs 2.66 crore to Rs 55 crore and will likely benefit 6,500 artisans. The Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) of the Ministry of MSMEs will implement the program and deal with artisans and Self Help Groups (SHG) with backward and forward linkages with the necessary assistance according to the ministry.

If you are also thinking of doing business then this may be a good opportunity for you. Because in the midst of the Kovid-19 pandemic, the domestic market for incense sticks and incense is growing at a rate of 15 percent per year. The domestic market for garbatti and incense is Rs 15,000 crore. The current demand for incense sticks in the country is three thousand tons, while the supply is half that. The rest of the merchandise has come from countries such as China and Vietnam. To increase the national supply of incense sticks, the government is also providing subsidies to incense sticks and the incense industry under the India Self-Reliance campaign. Let us tell you how you can start an agarbatti business and how much you will benefit from doing so.

The government took these steps to promote the incense stick industry
To give the industry a boost, the government earlier this year raised the import tax on bamboo steak from 10 percent to 25 percent. KVC had said that with this move at least 1 lakh jobs will be created in the agarbatti industry in 8 to 10 months. This increase was made to promote domestic bamboo for self-sufficient India and the Central Board of Excise and Customs announced this increase through a tweet.

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machine price
The price of agarbatti making machine in India ranges from Rs 35 thousand to Rs 1.75 lakh. On a low-cost machine, the output is lower and you won’t get much out of it. I suggest you start work with automatic incense stick making machine because it makes incense sticks very fast. The price of the automatic machine ranges from Rs 90 thousand to Rs 1.75 lakh. An automatic machine produces 100 kg of incense sticks in one day.

incense stick making machine
Many types of machines are used to make incense sticks. These include the mixing machine, the drying machine and the main production machine. The mixing machine is used to make raw material pasta, and the main production machine works to wrap the pasta in bamboo. Agarbatti making machines are also semi and fully automatic. After selecting the machine, according to the budget for the installation, deal with the supplier of the machines and carry out the installation. It is also necessary to take training to work on machines.

raw material supply
Contact good suppliers in the market for raw material supply after machine installation. For a list of good suppliers, you can get help from people who are already doing business in any agarbatti industry. The raw material must always be imported a little more than necessary because part of it is also wasted. Ingredients for making incense sticks include gum powder, charcoal powder, bamboo, daisy powder, aromatic oil, water, pennies, flower petals, sandalwood, jelly paper, sawdust, packing material, etc.

Packaging and Marketing
Your product is sold in attractively designed packaging. Consult a packaging expert to package and make your packaging attractive. Try to touch people’s religious feelings through the packaging. To market incense sticks, you can give advertisements in newspapers, television. Apart from this, if your budget allows, create an online company website.

The business can be started with this amount of money
You can start this business costing Rs 13,000 by making it at home as well but if you are thinking of starting the incense stick business by sitting at a machine then it will cost you around Rs 5 lakh to start. drink. Your product fetches a good price in the market, so try to give the product uniqueness. If you do something new in this business, it won’t take long for you to become a brand.undefined

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