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The Reon Pocket 2 Portable AC launched by Sony can work for long hours. Know the size of the smartphone price aaaq – News18

Many new discoveries in technology are being made today, there are many unique and new technological discoveries in the world, which we are surprised to hear. In such a situation, the famous power company Sony has done a shocking job. While many companies have invented wearable and wearable devices using the latest technology, Sony has created a record by launching Wearables AC. This portable AC from Sony is smaller than a mobile phone, so you can take it anywhere.

You can control this AC from the mobile app. The company launched this portable AC last year, which was called the Reon Pocket. The price of this Reon Pocket 2 in Japan is $138, which is around 14,850 Indian rupees. No information has yet been given about its launch in India.

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According to The Verge report, this portable AC from Sony can be used for several hours on a single charge. Reon Pocket 2 is very similar to Reon Pocket in terms of design. This new portable air conditioner has the ability to reduce temperature by absorbing heat twice as fast as before. That is, compared to cooling, it will be more powerful than the previous model.

Sony’s new portable AC can be worn around the neck like a neckback. In the previous model, this portable AC had to be worn around the neck with a special T-shirt.

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No t-shirt required in Reon Pocket 2. In summer, this portable AC can be used by people who are interested in sports. It can be used while playing outdoor sports such as cricket, soccer and other sports.undefined

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