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the phone caught fire while walking on the road or did not fully charge the battery see video aaaq – News18

You must have heard many times when the phone suddenly exploded or caught fire by itself. Now a shocking video is going viral on Twitter, in which a person’s phone that was in their side bag suddenly catches fire while walking down the road. Due to the fire, the man’s hair, hands and eyelashes were burned. According to the person, the phone belonged to Samsung, which he had bought in 2016. Although the company is not responsible for the fire, according to tweets from many users, many users blamed the phone’s battery.

A tweet posted on Twitter by SCMP News shows a couple walking down the street, with one carrying a bag next to them, and the same bag suddenly catches fire. That person quickly removes the burning bag as well, but still comes in the grip of a small fire. The video also shows a slight burn mark on his hand.

According to the person, the phone was from Samsung, which he bought in 2016 and never replaced the phone’s battery. According to him, when the phone caught fire, the phone was not charging. A burned phone is also shown at the end of the video. But the phone shown in the video is not confirmed to be from the Samsung company itself.

Many users on Twitter have reacted to this, according to one user, the phone’s battery may have been full so it caught fire. At the same time, many users have expressed fears that its back panel is not closed properly, so it may have caught fire due to contact with other items stored in the bag.

According to another user named Jackie Lan (@jackielan2000), the phone was 5 years old, which may have caused the phone to catch fire due to overcharging the battery. According to the user, the battery of his ZTE BA910 phone exploded after 2 years, which he bought in 2017.undefined

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