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The ‘life’ of smartphones is RAM, for gaming and multitasking, buy a phone with how much RAM?


The good performance of the phone depends to some extent on its RAM.
For Photoshop or video editing on mobile devices, buy a phone with at least 6 GB of RAM.
The RAM of the phone is less like 1 GB or 2 GB, so the phone works slowly.

New Delhi. Whenever we go to buy a mobile, we get to know all its features. When buying a mobile, special attention is paid to essential features such as camera, battery backup, sound quality, and performance. Among all these features, the most important feature is the performance of the mobile. When buying a mobile phone, it is everyone’s wish that the performance of the phone is good and the phone does not hang up while using it.

The good performance of the phone depends to some extent on its RAM. If your phone has low capacity RAM and you are running many apps on that phone simultaneously then your phone may also get stuck. In such a situation, when buying a mobile, we must pay special attention to the RAM memory.

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If you like games, take a phone with at least 6 GB of RAM
If you like to play games and do a lot of things simultaneously through the mobile device, then you will need more RAM in the smartphone. If you are a fan of games like PUBG, Free Fire or Clash of Clan, then a mobile with at least 6 or 8 GB will be good for you. But if you use the phone only for normal tasks like, just to watch online videos, for UPI, to read or to take photos, then a phone with 4 GB of RAM will also suit you.

Apart from this, even if you use Photoshop, editing or such heavy applications on your mobile phone, you can still buy a phone with at least 6GB or 8GB of RAM.

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That’s why more RAM is needed
More RAM is needed to run multiple apps simultaneously on any phone. If you are multitasking on the phone i.e. listening to songs from the phone, playing games and working on mail-documents simultaneously, then you need more RAM. If a phone has less RAM like 1GB or 2GB then the phone runs slow. But this happens only when multitasking is more in line with the RAM memory present in the phone. If you use the phone for normal work, your work will run even with low RAM.

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