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The largest red chunari business in India is in this city, know everything – Mata Ki Chunari Manufacturers Suppliers in India Mata how to buy Best price in India

New Delhi. The first preparation that begins during Navratri is that of the red chunari of the Mother. Some prepare chunari by ordering two months before Navratri, then one night before fasting, one goes to the market and buys chunari from their state. The price may be different, but the faith is the same. But do you know that not only at home but also abroad, the red chunari and the dress worn for Mata Rani are prepared in Vrindavan, a small town in UP. This small town prepares chunari ranging from Rs 5 to Rs 20-25 thousand. Chunari and the dress have a crores of rupees business only in Navratri.

Red Chunari start doing after Janmashtami
Vrindavan is at the forefront in preparing the dress for Lal Chunari and Mata Rani. All kinds of clothing related to gods and goddesses are prepared here. The clothes made here are not only supplied throughout the country, but also go abroad. Awadhesh, who is associated with dress work and chunari, says that shortly after Janmashtami, other garments like red chunari, lehenga, pattaka, etc. Talking about the chunari to be prepared during this time, chunari worth Rs 60 per dozen to Rs 2 thousand are prepared.

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The work related to chunari and clothing is done in the house of Vrindavan.
Chunari with a length of 1.5 to 2 meters is more in demand. After this, clothes ranging from 40-50 rupees to thousand rupees are made. The first orders are fulfilled. After that, the products are shipped to surrounding cities and states. Due to the abundance of orders, not only in the factories, but also in the houses of Vrindavan, the work related to chunri and dress is carried out.

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Not only businessmen, devotees also come to place orders.
Clothes merchant Ram Naresh says that orders from Navratri merchants start coming in as soon as Janmashtami orders are filled. But one and two months before Navratri, orders from direct devotees also start coming in. These are those people who make chunari worth 5-25 rupees and dress up to 50-50 thousand rupees depending on their bow. These orders are for the Mata Rani idols kept in the home built temples, including the great temples in the country. In fact, in such orders, the fabric doesn’t matter as much as the handwork on the dress and chunari.undefined

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