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Tension brewing to go to work in lockdown! So earn lakhs from this business sitting at home

New Delhi. The coronavirus pandemic has had an impact on the country’s economy. Industries are closed due to the ongoing national lockdown to prevent the outbreak of Kovid-19. Because of this, where there is a livelihood crisis facing migrant workers. On the other hand, people are worried about losing their jobs. If someone loses their job due to Corona, then they can try their hand at farming as another income option. Today, along with the youth in agriculture, some people are quitting their jobs and going back to farming. In addition to traditional farming, there are many such options where you can earn a lot of money using technology. If you’re also worried about losing your job, don’t panic. Rather, you can start your own business. Today we have brought one such business idea for you.

start farming
You can grow Exotic Vegetable Mushrooms. Nowadays, the number of amateur cooks learning recipes from YouTube has also increased, thus the demand for mushrooms has increased. The mushroom is one of those species that is rich in minerals and vitamins. Mushrooms are becoming popular due to their health benefits. Its market price is Rs 300-350 per kg and the wholesale rate is less than this by 40%. Due to the good price of mill mushroom cultivation, many farmers have abandoned traditional cultivation and started growing mushrooms.

It will start at 50 lakhs- Mushroom can be grown on it by making compost. A quintal of compost carries 1.5 kg of seeds.

About 2000 kg of mushrooms are produced by making 4 to 5 quintals of compost. Now if 2000 kg of mushrooms are sold even at the rate of Rs 150 per kg, then you get about Rs 3 lakh.

From this, 50 thousand rupees are eliminated as a cost, even two and a half lakh rupees are saved, although its cost is less than 50 thousand. 10 kg of mushrooms per square meter are easily produced.

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This is how to farm Mushrooms can be grown by making three three-foot-wide shelves in a space that is at least 40 by 30 feet.

To make compost soak rice straw and after a day add DAP, urea, potash, wheat bran, gypsum, calcium and carbo furadon and let it rot.

The compost is ready after about 45 days. Now, mixing equal amounts of cow manure and soil, spread a layer about an inch and a half thick and apply a layer of compost two to three inches thick.

To retain moisture, mist the mushroom two to three times a day by sprinkling it with a two-inch-thick layer of compost.

You can take training from here- Mushroom cultivation training is provided at all Universities of Agriculture and Agricultural Research Centers. If you plan to go into farming on this large scale, then it would be better to get proper training once.

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