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Tata Sky DTH Cable TV Cash Back Offer 2 Months Cash Back Offer Discount Learn The Benefits And How You Get Cash Back aaaq – News18

If you are also going to recharge your Tata Sky DTH, then you are being given a very big opportunity. This is because, with the offers available on Tata Sky, subscribers can make big budgets. With the help of the Tata Sky offer, subscribers can get up to two months’ cash back. Until when the offer will be available: The list on the company’s website has shown that this offer is valid only until March 31, 2021. The benefit of this Tata Sky offer will be available only for those subscribers who will get 12 months charging simultaneously.

How to get the offer: First of all, please note that you will only be able to get a refund when you top up the account through the Tata Sky website or Tata Sky mobile app.

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Cashback offer is offered on Tata Sky.

Not only this, the second condition is that the cash back can only be used when the customer uses the Bank of Baroda credit card to top up.

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According to the information provided on the company’s official website, if you don’t know the correct amount, you can put in any small amount, such as 100 rupees. The exact annual recharge amount of eligible subscribers will be visible to them. After this, use the Bank of Baroda credit card by entering the correct amount and for payment.

For information purposes, we tell you that customers who have recharged with an annual pack or 6 months will not be able to take advantage of the offer even if they recharge on the day of activation of the Tata Sky account.undefined

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