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Start this business with the help of Modi government, there will be income in lakhs

New Delhi. If you are thinking of doing business then you can take advantage of the Modi government scheme. To start a business, you first need an idea. After having the idea of ​​a business, the necessary investment is required to start this business. The Modi government’s Mudra scheme fills this need. Under this, you will get low interest rate loans to start your business. Today we are telling you about such a business, to start you will have to invest only Rs 55 lakh from yourself and you will have an income of Rs 1.68 lakh.

start this business
This business is to start a unit of Banana Fiber, that is, products made from banana thread. Products such as bags, rugs, rugs, belts, clothing, saris, sandals, doormats, various types of gift boxes, rugs, caps, photographic love, sofa covers and baskets can be made from banana yarn. Products made from it are also being used for home decoration. Also read: This woman earns Rs 4.3 lakh selling honey, she also has a great opportunity

These are necessary to start a business.
To start a unit of banana fiber products, you must have a covered space of 1200 m2. Apart from this, it is necessary to have 5 kW of power.

How much will it cost?

, Plant and Machinery Expenses: Rs 1.30 lakh This includes banana fiber extractor, banana fiber extractor, loom, reel, shuttle and sprocket.

, Working capital: 70 lakhs (for 1 month) This includes raw material ie banana stem, colour, packing material and some other items for a 15 day product. Note: In this, the bank financing is 65 percent ie Rs 45 thousand and the margin is 35 percent ie Rs 25 thousand. Also Read: Earn ₹2.50 Lakh Annually By Investing Rs 50 Lakhs, Start Your Farming

, Total expense: Rs 1.30 lakh and Rs 25 lakhs i.e. Rs 1.55 lakh.

, Bank loan: Under the scheme, a loan of Rs 1 lakh will be available from the bank upon showing of the project.

How will you win?

, Annual Expenses: Rs 4.99 lakh According to the structuring of the project by the government with an initial expenditure of Rs 1.55 lakh, the total expenditure for manufacturing products, selling, paying taxes, salaries and loan interest for the whole year will come to Rs 4 .99 lakhs

, Annual sales: At the same time, the total sale of the product made at this cost will generate Rs 6.65 lakh per annum.

>> gain: Rs 1.66 lakh per year In this sense, the person starting the unit can have a net profit of Rs 1.66 lakh in the first year, which will be around Rs 14 thousand per month. Earnings can also increase in the same proportion as the business grows larger.

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