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Start this business with only 5 lakhs, every month you will earn lakhs…!

New Delhi: Are you also thinking of setting up a business…? So you can earn a lot of money through mushroom cultivation. Today we are telling you about the development of Solan who started mushroom farming by investing only Rs 5 thousand and today he earns Rs lakhs every month. Let us tell you how you too can make a lot of money by starting this business from your bedroom in his house.

3 tons of mushrooms growing every day
Vikas de Solan said that she started this business on a small scale and recently started a new form of business. Here we are growing 3 tons of mushrooms every day. No special training is required for this business.

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Started the business at 5 lakhs
Vikas of Solan started the mushroom farming business in the year 1990. He started the business with an investment of just Rs 5 lakhs and today in the year 2020 he is earning Rs lakhs every month.

You can start this business in the room.
You can also start this business in a room. For this, you must maintain some climatic conditions such as temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide.

Mushrooms grow in 20 to 25 days
You will easily find this compound in the market. Apart from this, you can also buy packaged compounds, that is, ready to use. You have to keep these packages in the shade or in the room. After this, the mushrooms begin to grow within 20-25 days.

how to make compost
Rice straw must be soaked to make compost and after a day it is left to rot by adding DAP, urea, potash, wheat bran, gypsum and carbofudoran. The compost is ready after about a month and a half. Now, by mixing cow manure and soil equally and laying down a layer about an inch and a half thick, a two to three inch thick layer of compost is applied. To retain moisture, the fungus is sprayed two or three times a day with the spray. On top of this, a one to two inch layer of compost is added. And so mushroom production begins.

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Training in mushroom farming
Mushroom cultivation training is provided at all agricultural colleges and agricultural research centers. If you plan to grow it on a large scale, then it is better to train it properly once. If we talk about the space, then 10 kg of mushroom can be comfortably produced per square meter. Mushrooms can be grown by making a three foot wide shelf in a minimum 40×30 foot space.undefined

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