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Start this business by staying in the village, it is a better way to earn, know the process

New Delhi. Now the day is not far off when the explosion of gunpowder and the smell of gunpowder in the weather of Bastar, but the pearls will be seen in Bastar. You must be surprised to hear this a bit. But due to hard work and enthusiasm, in the coming days, the rivers and ponds will be seen to shine due to pearl farming in Bastar. In Bastar, which is called the paradise of nature, nature has wonderfully entrusted such a treasure to the circle of Bastar, with which people can ease their difficult path. All you need is a little dedication, hard work, and confidence. If all this is in you, then you too can be self-sufficient like Monica from Bastar, creating your own identity and showing the way to others. Monica, the operator of the organization that works for the tribes in Bastar, decided twenty months ago to grow oysters in the ponds of the Bastar River.

Successful oyster farming experiment in Bastar
In the beginning, this passion for producing pearls from oysters was exactly what it sounds like. After collecting a variety of books and various types of information, Monica began farming oysters with the help of some tribes who worked with her. To do this, she began the work of raising oysters with the help of local resources. For this, in addition to Chhattisgarh, oysters were imported from other provinces such as Gujarat, Howrah, Delhi, Jharkhand. Along with the oysters brought in from abroad, the oysters found in the Bastar River pond were gathered in the pond. Since, with the cultivation and cultivation of oysters, the climate produced in it is present in Bastar. After two and a half years of tireless efforts, I got everything I wanted. That is to say, the experiment of cultivating oysters in Bastar was a success.

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After becoming successful in oyster farming, the real job was extracting pearls from oysters. Extracting pearls from oysters is not an easy task. But it is said that where there is a will, there is a way. This first experiment of injecting pearl tissue into oysters and extracting pearls from the oysters after 20 months was successful in Bastar. Following the success of this experiment, Monica now prepares to connect the Bastar tribes in view of her possibilities.

pearl farming can become a means of earning money
In Bastar, the oyster is called Bastariya Juban Ganja Gudli. Generally the people of Bastar eat it with great fervour. This is the reason why there is the danger of extinction of the oysters that are found in large numbers in the Bastar river ponds. In such a situation, people in the tribal areas are very excited about this use of Monica. In fact, this experiment was done by Monica Sridhar by staying among the people of Bastar, so that the people of the tribal areas of Bastar could find their livelihood in it. For this, the oyster farming work was done in the pond of farmer Mangalram of Bastar village in Bhatpal, about twenty kilometers from Jagdalpur. Along with some of the village girls, the owner of the pond himself also participated in this work. The neighbors are very excited about the results they have seen in twenty months and believe that it can become a good source for the people of Bastar.

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This is how pearls are born in oysters
After knowing the confidence of all this, finally understand how pearls are produced from oysters. Oyster surgery is performed after raising oysters in the pond. Actually, during the surgery, the muscles of the oyster are loosened and then, after putting a particle of sand by making a small hole inside, the oyster is closed in the same way and kept in water for two days. This is because some oysters also die during surgery. Since the specialty of the oyster is that when it dies, it kills many with it. Then all the oysters that die during the surgery are separated and the ones that survive are placed in a plastic bucket and left in the water. And after 20 months when it opens, in this way a pearl-shaped grain of sand is born. With the help of low cost and a little hard work, oysters will soon be seen in Bastar’s ponds. Something like this is going to happen tomorrow Bastar, we just have to wait a bit.

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