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start outdoor billboard business in india earn Rs 15 crore in one month details here varpat – News18

New Delhi. If you are worried about work. So you can start your business idea today. For this you should have only 50 lakhs. This is the online billboard business. In this digital age, online billboard business can be profitable for you. To do this, News18 spoke with Deepti Awasthi Sharma, the founder of, a new outdoor advertising company. Let us tell you that Deepti is earning more than 1 crore every month from this business. So let us know from them how you can start online hoarding business and how much money can be earned on it.

Crores will be earned only in one year
When Deepti Awasthi Sharma started the online billboard business in the year 2016, she was only 27 years old. Due to not having much money, Ella Deepti started the online hoarding job by investing only Rs 50 lakhs. However, from the next year he started earning 12 million rupees… and after a year, Deepti’s company turnover became more than 20 million. Deepti says, I started the digital billboard business in 2016 with a very small amount of 50 thousand. This idea was successful and began to earn in a short time. Explaining the reason behind starting digital billboard business, she says, I did research about it and found that this field is running in a very disorganized way and in this digital world, people should do everything from home. In such a situation, this business turned out to be a very profitable deal.

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Learn how to start this business
This work can be started with the help of marketing and technology. For this, you just have to create a website with your domain name. You have to promote yourself. For starters, you can see where and how you can contact people looking for a place to advertise. This business is growing fast. Because every day people want to advertise from home.

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This is how Deepti’s company works
The customer must first log in to the go website. After this, when going to the website, search for your location (where you have to put the billboard) should be selected. After selecting the location, an email is sent to the company. After the company sends confirmation of site and location availability, the artworks and orders come from the customer side. An ID and password are provided to activate on the location site. Let us tell you that this company charges around Rs 1 lakh for installing a billboard for a period of one month.

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