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Start cucumber farming with just Rs 1 lakh investment and earn RS 8 lakh per month know how varpat – News18

New Delhi. If you are bored with your boring job and want to start your own business to earn more money. So today we tell you a great business idea. Where you can earn a lot of money spending less money (businesses with a small investment). The best idea for this is – Cucumber cultivation. Yes…this will give you the opportunity to earn more money in less time.

Earn rupees lakhs by starting cucumber farming
Explain that the time cycle of this crop is completed in 60 to 80 days. By the way, cucumber is grown in the summer season. But in the rainy season, the cucumber harvest is larger. Cucumber can be grown in all types of soil. Soil pH for cucumber cultivation 5.5 to 6.8 is considered good. Cucumber can also be grown on the banks of rivers and ponds.So, do we know how to do business with cucumber farming?

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Start the business by taking a government subsidy
Durgaprasad, a farmer from UP who earns thousands of rupees growing cucumbers. They say that in order to make profit in farming, they have planted cucumbers in their fields and have earned 8 lakh rupees in just 4 months. He had planted cucumbers from Holland in his fields. According to Durgaprasad, this species is the first farmer to sow cucumber seeds in the Netherlands.

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The special thing about this is that there are no seeds in the cucumbers of this species. So the demand for cucumbers remains high in large hotels and restaurants. Durgaprasad recounts that he had built a sednet house on the same farm with a Rs 18 lakh subsidy from the Department of Horticulture. Even after taking the subsidy, I had to spend Rs 6 lakh on my own. Apart from this, he obtained seeds worth 72 thousand rupees from Holland. After 4 months of sowing the seeds, he sold cucumbers worth Rs 8 lakh.

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Why is this business in demand?
The specialty of this cucumber is that its price is up to double that of the common cucumber. While the indigenous cucumber sells for Rs 20/kg, this seeded cucumber from the Netherlands sells for Rs 40-45/kg. However, there is a demand for all kinds of kheer throughout the year. You can use social networks for marketing.undefined

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