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Start A Pearl Farm And Earn 3 Lakh Monthly Know How To Check Varpat Process – News18

New Delhi. The economy has faltered due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many people have lost their jobs and some people are facing a crisis in their jobs. At the same time, nowadays people’s needs are increasing, so they are looking for different types of business ideas. Today we also tell you about a special business idea (How to start a business). You can earn good money by starting this business. Today, people’s focus on pearl farming is increasing rapidly. Many people have become millionaires growing it. So let us know how this business can be started.

What are the necessary things for pearl farming?
A pond, oysters (from which pearls are made), and training, these three things are necessary for pearl farming. If you want, you can dig the pond on your own or the government gives a 50% subsidy, you can also take advantage of it. Oysters are found in many states of India. Although the quality of Darbhanga oysters in South India and Bihar is good. There are also many institutes in the country for their training. He has been trained in pearl farming in Hoshangabad and Mumbai in Madhya Pradesh.

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How to grow pearls?
First, the oysters are tied in a net and put in the pond for 10-15 days, so that they can create their environment according to them, after which they are taken out and surgery is performed. Surgery means that a particle or mold is inserted inside the oyster. After coating this mold, the oyster layer is made, which is then made into pearl.

After surgery, the oysters are again medically treated. After this, these shells are closed in small boxes and hung with the help of a rope in the pond. During this, every day we have to see which oyster is alive and which has died. Who dies, is removed. This work has to be done daily for 15 days, this process takes around 8 to 10 months. After this, the pearl begins to come out of the oyster.

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Starting at a cost of Rs 25,000
25 to 35 rupees for the preparation of an oyster costs While after preparation, two pearls come out of an oyster and one pearl is sold for at least 120 rupees. If the quality is good, you can get more than 200 rupees. If you put 25 thousand shells in a one acre pond, then it costs around 8 lakh rupees. Assume that even if some oysters are wasted in the course of preparation, more than 50% of the oysters come out safe. This can easily earn Rs 30 lakh a year.undefined

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