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Sony india year end sale offers discount on bravia tv and other audio products. Learn about the offers until January 3, 2022 aaaq

Veteran Electronic Device Production Company Sony end of year sale is happening In this, you’ll get discounts, rebates, and more on the company’s Bravia smart TV and audio products. Bravia A 2-year warranty is also given on some of the specific car models. In addition, the company is also offering up to 60% off its audio products such as true wireless earphones, headphones, and Bluetooth speakers at their retail price. The company offers this offer on its offline store as well as its online store and on Amazon, Flipkart. This sale will run until January 3.

In the company’s year-end sale, the company is offering up to 30% off along with instant cash back offers on select models of its Bravia Smart TVs. Apart from this, the company also offers a 2-year warranty on some Bravia Smart TV models. This warranty is given only on the smart TV listed on the company’s website.

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In this, Sony Bravia of the company is offering in XR-65A8OJ IN5. The price of this model is currently Rs 265,990 while its retail price is Rs 339,900. Other than this is the company’s Bravia KD-55X8OJ which is retailing at Rs 1,09,900 but this model is available on sale for just Rs 87,390.

What is the offer in audio products?
According to information available on the company’s website, customers offer discounts on 4 headphone models that come with active noise cancellation. In this, the company’s WH-1000XM4 headphones, which retail for Rs 29,990, are available in this sale at Rs 24,990. Other than this, the company’s WH-H910N headphones, which are priced at an RRP of Rs 24,990, are available in this sale for just Rs 9,990.

Along with this, the company’s WH-CH710N headphones, which were previously priced at Rs 14,990, are now available in this cell for just Rs 9,990 and WH-XB900N, which was previously retailed at Rs 19,990, is currently available in this cell. for only 9990 rupees.

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What’s on offer in true wireless earbuds
In addition to smart TVs and headphones, the company is also offering discounts on its true wireless headphones. In this, the company’s WF-1000XM3 TWS which costs Rs 19,990 but is available in the cell for just Rs 9,990. Apart from this, the WF-SP800N TWS earphones, which cost Rs 18,990, are available in this sale for just Rs 10,990. While the company’s WF-XB700 headphones, whose retail price is Rs 11,990.

You can buy this cell for just Rs 6,990. Along with the company’s WF-H800 earphones, which cost Rs 16,990, but on this phone you can buy it for just Rs 6,990.

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Deals
The company is also offering deep discounts on its Bluetooth speakers in this cell, in which the company is offering its SRS-XB13 wireless Bluetooth speaker model that costs Rs 4,990. Now available in this cell for just Rs 3,590. Other than this, the company’s Bluetooth wireless headset models WH-CH510 and WI-XB400, which are priced at Rs 4,990, are available in this cell for Rs 2,990 and Rs 2,790, respectively.

Also, the company’s WI-C400 model costs Rs 3,990, which is available in this cell phone for just Rs 2,990. Other than this, the company’s WI-C310 model, which costs Rs 3,290, is now available in this sale for just Rs 1,999.

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