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Snapchat Plus paid subscription service launched with new features, know which countries are available

New Delhi. Snap launched the paid subscription service of the Snapchat app in the US on Wednesday. Its price has remained at $3.99 (about Rs 315) a month. Let us know that earlier this month, Snap announced the launch of the subscription version, Snapchat Plus. Currently, the paid service will be available in Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

Companies have cut advertising budgets due to rising costs and falling consumer costs, putting social media companies under pressure. Last month, Snap said it might not meet its revenue and earnings targets for the second quarter. In addition, the company will have to cut its expenses.

You will get new features

Speaking to tech news site The Verge, Jacob Andreu, vice president of Snap Product, said that initially the paid version will allow users to change the app’s icon. Apart from this, whoever has re-viewed the user story will also be able to know about it. In addition, paid subscription users of the company will be able to pin the chat history of other users.

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In addition to the paid service, social media platforms have recently introduced many new features. It has introduced a new shared stories group feature. The feature invites users to view the story shared in the group and invites Snapchatters to contribute to the story.

Association with the Moz app

Snapchat’s parent, Snap, has expanded its partnership with ShareChat’s Moz to integrate its AR camera kit with the MX, Talkatk. The MX TakaTech app now offers a new camera experience powered by Snapchat’s Augmented Reality technology.


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