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Rishabh, just 14 years old, saved 70 lakh liters of water with the idea of ​​installing an aerator in the pot – News18

New Delhi. water is life. All without water. We have been hearing these things since childhood, but it had a profound impact on 14-year-old Rishabh. To deal with the water crisis, Rishabh adopted that idea, which saved 70 lakh liters of water in just one year. Not only this, the water bill in the houses has also been reduced by 30 percent.
Rishabh Prashob, a 14-year-old student from the National Academy for Learning, Bangalore, studying in class 9, has started the Jal Mission. By virtue of this, Rishabh installed ‘aerators’ in the taps of two hotels, his school and his housing society. Aerators are small mechanical devices that fit into the faucet. These mix the air with the water and ensure that the flow of water from the tap remains constant, regardless of pressure. On taps that supply 15 liters of water per minute, if an aerator is installed, it reduces the water supply to six liters per minute. These devices can save 1,274 liters of water in a month.

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that’s how the idea came about
In the year 2019, Rishabh participated in a social initiative of ‘1Million for 1Billion’ (1M1B), an organization recognized by the United Nations. Here she studied various topics related to the environment. The Better India has published an article on the subject. Rishabh told the website that she has read about many issues such as air pollution, but water scarcity is a problem that Bengaluru herself has seen. Many ponds are drying up here and many houses are also facing water problems. Following this, to understand the problem at ground level, Rishabh spoke to various organizations, activists and water conservationists in Bangalore. She understood that with the increase in population, the demand for water also increases, but its supply is much less than the demand. Therefore, the only solution to this problem is to reduce water consumption.
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Through the aerator, it is possible to save 3-4 liters of water per minute from the kitchen sink.
When Rishabh investigated, she found that at a household level, the best way to reduce water consumption is to put aerators on the water tap. Typically our kitchen sinks and bathroom taps produce 6 liters of water per minute and can be reduced to 3 or 4 liters with aerators. For her test, Rishabh installed an aerator at her grandmother’s house in Bangalore. She was unable to install aerators in her house because the water bill for 17 houses is charged in her building. That is shared among all. In such a situation, she cannot estimate the savings being made on water and trim the bill properly.

Water bill reduced by 30 percent in just one month at Grandma’s house
According to Rishabh, just one month after installing an aerator, we saw up to a 30% reduction in the water bill at Grandma’s house. Previously, her bill used to be around 340 rupees, but it was reduced to 250 rupees. After this, she contacted the Neighborhood Association of her housing society and they gave her this solution. Two aerators were then installed in each apartment. Each household paid for the aerator, which cost around Rs 300 per unit. Rishabh says that in a year, the water consumption in the society has been reduced and 20 lakh liters of water have been saved. Rishabh then contacted two Marriott hotels in Cochin, Kerala. Here too, in the same year, both hotels saved around 50 lakh liters of water.

Aim to save one million liters of water this year
Faced with this success, Rishabh contacted her school principal, Indira Jayakrishnan. Rishabh’s idea has taken the school’s initiative further. In 2021, Rishabh hopes to bring this initiative to more schools, hotels, cinemas and shopping malls in the city. Its goal is to help save a million liters of water in the city.

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