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Recovery after the corona epidemic in tech startups, increased job opportunities in the country

New Delhi. The corona epidemic shook the whole world as well as the industries in India. The direct impact of Kovid-19 and the lockdown was also seen on tech startups in the country. But in the midst of all this, the good thing has been that with the unlocking process in the country there has been a rapid recovery in technology startups. According to the report by the National Association for Software and Services (NASSCOM), the tech startup industry has started to develop again with the relaxation of the lockdown and the help of the government. The NASSCOM report has estimated that in the next 6 months, tech startups can grow 5x and tech startups can also grow revenue by 50 percent.

The tech startup suffered a loss in April 2020- According to the NASSCOM report, the country’s tech startups suffered greatly due to the Corona epidemic. But with the start of the unlocking process and the government stimulus package, the tech startup gained momentum again.

The NASSCOM report indicates that the tech startup has raised 3-4 times more funds in the last month compared to April 2020. With this, the country’s tech companies have started to employ new people by lifting the ban on contract.

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Startups in this sector that emerged during the pandemic- According to the NASSCOM report, there was a record recovery in 25 percent of startups in Edtech, Fintech, Healthtech and Retail Tech during the Corona epidemic in the country. undefined

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