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Ratan tata successful business tips you can achieve more money and success check details varpat – News18

New Delhi. Today everyone wants to make money, wants to be successful, but few people want to walk that path to achieve it. If you are starting your business or already in business but looking for the path of progress, then the words of entrepreneur Ratan Tata may be helpful to you. Ratan Tata, the veteran industrialist and chairman of Tata Sons, has invested heavily in many successful start-ups in the country. Although he considers himself an accidental investor, most of the startups he invested in were successful and today his business is in the billions. Let us know, according to him, what are the main things to consider when starting any company.

1. Emphasis on innovation
Ratat Tata believes that the future is bright for those startups that have innovated. That is why you must keep innovating. Tata is putting more emphasis on innovation for startups.

2. Focus on value
Speaking of Tata Group, everyone knows that the value of this group is very high. In such a situation, Ratan Tata hopes that startups will also give prominence to the value factor. He is firmly against an incident like running away overnight.

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3. The attitude of the Promoters must be positive
According to Ratan Tata, what is the attitude of the promoters of the startup, what idea has occurred to them and work based on their thinking about their solutions. According to Tata, he prefers to invest in a new company. Especially in startups with new ideas.

4. No right time
In an interview in October 2019, Ratan Tata said that there is no such thing as the right time for a startup to go global. It is the responsibility and understanding of the founders when they have to expand their global footprint. At the same time, Ratan Tata said that I also see how mature the promoters are and how serious they are about their new company.

5. Prioritize work
Such is the case with many industrial houses in India that are beginning to take an interest in both industry and politics. But the Tata Group and especially Ratan Tata have always avoided these things. He always considered work as everything in his life. First of all, priority is given to work.

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6. Give respect to others
Those who know Ratan Tata personally say that he always remains calm and gentle. They warmly welcome even the smallest employees of their company.undefined

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