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Pollution was spreading due to rice husk burning, earned Rs 20 lakh in just one year, know how – GKTodayCurrentAffairs.Com

New Delhi. This is the story of Bibhu Sahu. But it is different from other stories. Bibhu is from the Kalahandi of Orissa and was once in the news due to hunger. Bibhu was a teacher in Kalahandi itself but in 2007 he left his job to go into the rice business. Everything was fine until now but there was a new twist in his story when he made an innovation and he started earning Rs 20 lakh a year. The story of Bibhu who turned rice husks into “black gold” has been published by The Better India website. Learn from the words of Bibhu, owner of Haripriya Agro Industries, how he made the rice husks that were burned in the fire to no avail as a means of earning Dio…
“Kalahandi is the second largest producer of rice in Odisha. About 50 lakh quintals of rice are grown here every year. After the rice business, I also decided to enter the rice mill business in the year 2014. Dozens of for blowing here There are companies, which process rice. It produces husks on a large scale. My mill alone produces about 3 tons of husks per day. Here, usually, the husks were thrown in an open space or then burned. After the wind blows, it causes a lot of problems in breathing and eyes. The environment was badly damaged. Many local people complained about this. Seeing the increasing complaints of the people, we packed the shells, we started to put them in the warehouse , but soon there was a shortage of space.
I couldn’t understand anything. Then I did some research. I learned that rice bran can be used as a heat insulator in the steel industry. Contains 85% silica. Therefore, it is very good to use for steel refractors. In this way, when burnt shell is used in the boiler, it does not cause much pollution due to high temperature.
An investigation was done, but the real problem was its implementation. Then I somehow raised money and also visited an Egyptian steel company. You gave your offer to that company with a sample. He showed his interest and asked if it could be made available to him in powder form. I said it would be difficult, because it could fly with the wind. Then, after much deliberation, it was decided that the shell would be made into pellets and exported.
He had come to talk to the company but a new challenge arose. She didn’t know how to make a bullet out of it. That is why I called experts from many states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, West Bengal. But, nothing came out. He also contacted a poultry farm to find out about the process of making the pellets. But, this effort was also in vain.
For the next several months, I devoted all my resources solely to research. I felt that my concept was not practical and I almost gave up. But, right around the same time, one of my employees asked for some time to figure this out. After this, he went to his town and came with four people. Then, with his help, we did some experiments and we were successful. It initially took a few weeks to get the palette to the correct size. Our granules ranged in size from 1mm to 10mm. Now, to send this shipment, I wrote emails to companies in France, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Australia, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom. Finally, our first shipment was to Saudi Arabia in 2019.
The companies really liked this product, because the pellet burned very well. In addition, they were quite cheap and of good quality. In the year 2019, I earned Rs 20 lakh by selling 100 tons of granules. In this way we turn the shell into black gold.

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