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Now Facebook will tell why and how it shared your personal data, parent company Meta changed data privacy rules


The goal of the company is to make its users feel freer and safer.
A link will also be given to know the wishes and experiences of the users.
The company said: it will not sell users’ information and will not sell it in the future.

New Delhi. The parent company of the social media platform Facebook, Meta, has changed its data privacy rules. The company said on Friday that its goal is to make its users feel freer and more secure.

According to information provided by Meta, many important changes have been made to the new data privacy rules, while some rules have not changed at all. The company has taken this step to stay away from the constant complaints of personal data breaches in it. The company said that we want you (users) to feel more secure about your privacy. That is why the Meta Privacy Policy has been changed and now you will be able to get more details about how it is using your information.

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These four great changes occurred
1- Meta said: We have made our policy clearer and easier, so users can quickly understand it. Along with this, a link will also be given to know the wishes and experiences of the users.
two- More details about the type of information Meta collects will be made available to its users.
3- Meta will now also provide users with more information about all of its partners with whom it shares or collects information.
4- Along with this, it will also tell users why their information is shared with any product or company and how they share it.

There are no changes to these rules.
The company has said that we do not and will not sell our users’ information in the future. The rules related to this have been kept as they are.
-The Company will inform its users of all products and how their information is collected, used and shared. Before implementing any new features, users will be informed about its policy.
Users will also be able to manage their privacy using the settings.

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The new policy will be applicable from July 26
The company has said that the new Meta privacy policy will be implemented from July 26, 2022. Advice from users has also been sought on this and if the changes are accepted, the new policy will start to work from end of the month Meta has said that the new privacy rule will apply to all information users receive on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. WhatsApp is not included in this as it has its own privacy policy.

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