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New Instagram Subscriber Program Let Creators Make Their Followers Pay For Their Exclusive Content

If you are also an Instagram user, you can also earn a lot of money through the platform. The company has added many of these features on the platform, so that creators can earn a lot or further increase their earnings. In fact, Instagram has now introduced a new subscriber program on its platform, where it will charge users for exclusive content from creators. Announcing their new Twitter subscriber program, Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, said that under this program, creators will have the option to charge their followers for viewing their exclusive posts and releases on the platform. This fee will be charged monthly.

Benefits and Features of the Instagram Subscriber Program
According to a Meta blog post, the subscriber program will offer three main benefits: subscriber chat, exclusive posts, and exclusive tabs on reels and profiles. Let’s talk one by one which feature will benefit…

subscriber chat
Monthly subscriptions will allow fans to interact directly with creators on the platform. A creator can create a group of up to 30 followers (customers) to interact with them directly. According to the blog post, “Messenger-powered subscriber chats can be created directly from your inbox or Story, which automatically expire after 24 hours, so you can balance and decide when and when you can engage with your customers.” . ?”

Creators can also use “Join Chat” stickers on their general or exclusive stories to join group chats directly. They’ll see a “Subscriber” tab in their inbox to help them organize their chats.

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Exclusive reels, publications
Creators will have some paid content including reels, posts on the platform. This content will only be visible to customers and only they will be able to comment or like these posts. Notably, Live Sessions and Stories are still available to all followers.

exclusive tab
Subscribers will see a dedicated subscriptions tab on the creator’s profile. In this way, they can easily access exclusive content on the platform. Notably, the pricing model for this subscription program has yet to be announced. Meta has also clarified that it won’t cut Facebook and Instagram revenue from creators until the end of this year.

The company posted a video on Twitter about the new feature.


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