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New feature of Windows 11, you will know which application is using the camera and microphone of the PC

Microsoft Windows 11: Microsoft is preparing to bring a new feature-like tool to Windows 11, the iOS app. The company is bringing more privacy features to its Windows 11 users and making the service used through apps more transparent. In fact, according to the latest beta, in the new update Windows 11 users will get information about which apps are using their microphone, camera or location to work on the device. The new tool will be available in the ‘Privacy and Security’ option, which will be present in the main settings of the operating system.

Details of this new Windows 11 privacy tool were shared by Dave Weston, vice president of enterprise and operating system security at Microsoft, last week. It was learned that with the new tool, Windows 11 users will also get a complete history of all the features accessed by apps and also know when it was last accessed.

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This feature is already available on mobile phones.
As we mentioned, Windows 11 will act as the privacy for the iOS app. Please let us know that in the iOS app “Privacy Audit”, users can see which apps are using the microphone for location.

In some years, the privacy settings have been made only for mobile devices, but we forget that the PC (computer) also plays an important role in today’s age. iOS, iPadOS, and Android 12 show users all the information about apps and what tools they access on the device or require permissions. In such a situation, now this feature of Windows 11 will come in handy.

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Let us tell you that Windows 11 is currently trying to offer it only for the developer channel, but it is expected that once the bugs are fixed, the company will release a stable version for all users.

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