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New Business Opportunity – Earn More Than 2.5 Lakhs By Investing Only Rs 50 Lakhs In This Business

New Delhi. In order to avoid corona infection, nowadays everyone has started to think too much about health. That is why its demand has increased rapidly in recent months. Mushrooms contain many essential nutrients that are badly needed by the body. In addition, it is also a good fiber medium. Mushrooms are used as medicine in many diseases. It is also good for health-conscious people as it does not contain many calories. Many important minerals and vitamins are found in mushrooms. They are rich in vitamin B, D, potassium, copper, iron and selenium. Apart from this, mushrooms contain a special nutrient called choline, which is very beneficial for maintaining muscle activity and memory. Mushrooms are becoming popular due to these benefits. Its retail price in the market is Rs 300 to 350 kg and the wholesale rate is 40 percent lower. Due to the great demand that it is having, many farmers have left traditional agriculture and have dedicated themselves to the cultivation of mushrooms. Let’s know everything about mushroom cultivation…

Earn Rs 2.50 by investing 50k-Compost is made for growing mushrooms. With a quintal of compost you need a kilo and a half of seeds. With the elaboration of 4 to 5 quintals of compost, about 2 thousand kg of mushrooms are obtained. Now, if 2 thousand kg of mushrooms are sold at least at Rs 150 per kg, you will get about Rs 3 lakh. Of this, Rs 50 lakh is removed as a cost, even then Rs 2.50 lakh remains. Although its cost comes to less than 50 thousand rupees.

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Training in mushroom farming
Mushroom cultivation training is provided at all agricultural colleges and agricultural research centers. If you plan to grow it on a large scale, then it is better to train it properly once. If we talk about the space, then 10 kg of mushroom can be comfortably produced per square meter. Mushrooms can be grown by making shelves three to three feet wide in a space that is at least 40×30 feet.

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how to make compost
Rice straw must be soaked to make compost and after a day it is left to rot by adding DAP, urea, potash, wheat bran, gypsum and carbofudoran. The compost is ready after about a month and a half. Now, by mixing cow manure and soil equally and laying down a layer about an inch and a half thick, a two to three inch thick layer of compost is applied. To retain moisture, the fungus is sprayed two or three times a day with the spray. On top of this, a one to two inch layer of compost is added. And so mushroom cultivation begins.undefined

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