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meet Zerodha Co founder Nikhil kamath Success story varpat – News18

New Delhi. When he didn’t feel like studying he started playing chess, he started the business of buying and selling old phones with a friend at the age of 14, when his mother found out, that business also stopped. After this, when the school stopped giving exams, he left school and started working in the call center after 8000 months.

brokerage house owner
After this, together with his older brother Nitin Kamat, he started the Zerodha brokerage firm and became the youngest billionaire in the country. That is the story of Nikhil Kamat, co-founder of the country’s largest online brokerage firm, Zerodha. Nikhil Kamat has shared his life story with Humans of Bombay.

He started buying and selling old phones at the age of 14.
In an interview to Humans of Bombay, Nikhil Kamat said that his father used to work in a bank and he was transferred to Bangalore. Nikhil did not like traditional school studies, so he used to sleep at school and play chess. At the age of 14, Nikhil started buying and selling old phones with a friend. This was his first business. But when his mother found out about this, she flushed all the phones down the toilet and shut down his business.

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This decision was made prior to the board’s review.
Due to low attendance before the board exam, the school was in favor of not giving Nikhil the exam and therefore called his parents at the school. Nikhil dropped out of school because of this. About this, his parents said: Don’t do any work that will embarrass us. After leaving school, what to do next, he had no idea.

He worked in the call center making a fake certificate
Later, at the age of 17, after making a false birth certificate, he got a job in a call center with a salary of 8,000 rupees. She used to work in the call center from 4 pm to 1 pm. During this, at the age of 18, she invested money in the stock market for the first time. During this, she learned a lot. His father gave him some money and told him to manage it. Father had great faith in Nikhil.

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Such is the beginning of Zerodha…
After this, Nikhil persuaded the manager of the call center to invest in the stock market and also began to invest the manager’s money in the market. Nikhil Kamat said that in his last year in the call center he did not go to the office for a single day and continued to receive incentives along with his salary, because until then he had invested all the money of his team in the market and gave good returns. to all. .
In 2010, he quit his job and started Zerodha with his older brother. He said that even after becoming a billionaire, there has been no change in him. They still work 85% of the day and are still insecure. Let us tell you that Nikhil Kamat, along with his older brother, also founded the True Beacon asset management company. Forbes included these two brothers in the list of the 100 richest people in India in 2020.undefined

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