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Kanpur: – National Sugar Institute students are learning 38 kinds of sugar making techniques.

Report:- Akhand Pratap Singh, Kanpur
When we talk about sugar, only the sugar used at home comes to mind, while the Kanpur National Sugar Institute is teaching its students how to make 38 types of sugar, it is also working on providing technical assistance in the preparation of sugar and how to promote the industry. Now many types of sugar are being manufactured by the sugar industry. In which mainly cube sugar, beverage sugar, Playworld sugar, icing sugar, pharmaceutical sugar, healthy sugar, white sugar, raw sugar, caramel sugar, refined sugar are “Apart from these, research is being done to make many more kinds of sugar according to usage. Director Professor Narendra Mohan said that now sugar industry is progressing a lot. Many technologies are being used in this. National Sugar Institute in Kanpur is teaching 38 kinds of manufacturing techniques of sugar to his students.

Along with technology, emphasis is also being placed on packaging
The Corona period has brought many changes in people’s lives. Similarly, there have been many changes in the industry as well. Now people prefer packaged things instead of open things. That is why now people demand more sugar in the packages In view of which, along with The technology of making the packaging of sugar is also being taught to the students of the institute, the students will be taught as a practical work how can they pack the sugar. The director, Professor Narendra Mohan, said that the purpose of his institute is that when the students leave here, they will have all the small and big information related to this industry.

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