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Kaam Ki Baat: how to protect personal data from leaks, know the easy way

New Delhi. Data is one of the most important things in the current era. In such a situation, people are always trying to get your data. Many advertisers want to know what you want to buy. On the other hand, some hackers want to get into your account and steal your content. Additionally, law enforcement may also be interested in obtaining your search history, text, and location data.

Most of the services on your device also capture your personal data, including your name, the websites you visit, your network IP address, etc. Your phone has GPS, camera, and other sensors, as well as sensitive data like your contacts and health information. In such a situation, if mobile apps are allowed, they can easily access this information.

Carissa Veliz, an assistant professor at the University of Oxford who is doing research on technology and privacy, says to avoid data theft, keep as few apps as possible, because any app can be a threat to your privacy. Now you must be thinking that if every app is a privacy threat, then what can you do? So let us tell you how you can get rid of this problem.

audit application
To protect your personal data from theft, delete apps from your device that you don’t use regularly. Apart from this, you should also remove the unnecessary apps, because there are many apps that make money by selling you. Pro. Veliz says that when you delete an app from your phone, information already collected by the developer and its partners won’t automatically disappear. You may need to contact them to request that they delete the data. However, it can be disappointing.

how to remove apps
iPhone users, long press on the app icon and select the option to delete the app. (If your unwanted app is still in the app library, you’ll need to choose Remove App from the menu option.) At the same time, to remove the app from Android users, open the Play Store and tap on your profile icon, then manage it by going to Manage apps and devices. Now tap on the app you want to remove, then select the Uninstall option.

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Review data access
Hameed Haddadi, who conducts data protection and privacy research at Imperial College London’s Department of Computing, says when installing apps, be conservative about providing access to them. He tries to select the option to allow the app to ask for permission. Once the apps are installed, check your data, battery, and storage usage in Settings.

How to review permissions
To review permissions, go to iPhone user settings and scroll down to the list of installed apps. Now check which app permission has been granted, then cancel the permission of the app you are not using. On the other hand, for Android users, open Settings and select Apps. Now tap on the name of each app to see the permissions. Select Permission and tap Don’t allow to cancel access.

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Limit ad tracking
Web ad trackers follow your activity as you visit different sites. That’s why when you search for small earplugs, those earplug ads follow you around the web for months. Apple and Google are working to limit these trackers. Apple has turned off tracking by default. Google plans to introduce Khard Party cookies late next year.

How to limit cross-site tracking
To enable cross-site tracking, go to iPhone User Settings, then select Privacy, and then click Tracking. After that, please make sure the tracking apps request is disabled or not; if it is, it means that all follow requests are automatically rejected. At the same time, Android users will have to go to the Chrome app for it. Here tap Settings. Then click on Privacy and Security. Now blocks third party cookies. You will also see a Privacy Sandbox option, which is a feature to reduce cross-site tracking in the browser. Here you will see an option to submit a Do Not Track request. Allow him. Note that many web services do not honor this request, not even Google.

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