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Joker malware found in 4 apps on Play Store, a lakh people are at risk

New Delhi. Some malware-laden apps made it to the Google Play Store, bringing the Joker malware back to the Play Store. Not only this, many people have also downloaded them. This malware was first detected in 2017 and has become the most popular choice for cybercriminals to hijack Android users’ phones.

Cyber ​​security researchers have repeatedly warned about Joker malware. This spyware allows hackers to attack phones and install dangerous malware on them. As soon as the malware came back. It was seen in some apps on the Google Play Store. Cybersecurity research firm Pradio has discovered this Joker malware in four apps on the Google Play Store. These apps include smart SMS messages, blood pressure monitors, voice language translators, and quick text SMS.

Android users need to worry?
The research team informed Google about this, after which Google removed these apps from the Play Store, but before removing the app, it was downloaded by more than 1 lakh people. This means that many users are already in danger. Joker malware was initially used to carry out SMS-related fraud, but over time it has evolved to attack victims’ devices.

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How dangerous is malware?
With Joker malware, hackers can intercept one-time passwords and security codes and read your notifications, take screenshots without leaving a trace, send and read SMS messages, and even make calls. This malware is capable of doing almost everything on your device.

What should Android users do?
All Android users should keep an eye on the list of downloaded apps. If they have any of these apps, the researchers suggest they should be uninstalled now, as these apps can open all avenues for hackers to infect Android smartphones or other devices.

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