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If you want to make a lot of money from April, start this business, the Modi government will help you

New Delhi. If you want to start a business, then you can start a laptop manufacturing business. Now is a good time to start this business. Because with the beginning of the new fiscal year from April, the new educational season will also begin. Due to this, the demand for laptops increases significantly in April. If you start this business now, in a month or two you can build up your business well. This business is related to the Central Government MSME scheme, under which you get 60 to 80 percent help from the government to start a business. Let us know all about how to start a notebook manufacturing business…

it will take so much money
If you want to start this business, you must have at least 4 lakh rupees. After this, you can apply for a loan from banks. According to the project profile report prepared by the government, you can take a working capital loan of Rs 9 lakh and a term loan of Rs 3.50. This way you can start a project for about 16.50 lakhs.

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Business is in high demand
The special thing about this business is that the demand for notebooks, notepads or record books is everywhere, whether it is in school, college, office or business, it is needed everywhere. Even in homes, they are used in many works. The demand for notebooks or notepads is increasing day by day. If the quality of your product is good, then there is more chance of success in business. You can start businesses in any area.

these things will be necessary
Whether you have space or building or not, the business can be started in both conditions. If you don’t have space, you can rent up to 500 square feet. For this you have to pay rent according to the area. Rent can range from 5 to 15 thousand rupees. If you have your own space, then this money will also be included in your savings. You will need to install the machinery in this space.

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How much will it cost to start a business?
Total expenditure: Rs 16.88 lakh, working capital: Rs 12 lakh, working capital includes raw material, labor charges, packaging, phone bill, electricity bill, rent, etc. Machinery expense: Rs 3.94 lakh, fixed investment includes the cost of complete machinery and other configurations. Electrification: Rs 35,000, Furniture: Rs 45,400.

will win like this
The government has prepared an estimate, in which the billing ratio has been drawn up according to the cost of production and sales. After manufacturing a fixed amount of product and fixing its MRP, the production cost will be Rs 4 lakh per month ie Rs 47 lakh per year, turnover: Rs 5 lakh per month ie 59 lakh of rupees for the annual sale. Other expenses will be around Rs 4.85 lakh per year, net operating profit will be Rs 7.38 lakh per year. The net profit after deducting tax expenses will be Rs 7 lakh per annum. That is, every month you can earn more than 50 thousand rupees.

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