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If you are sitting empty at home, start this business at 6000, earn 40 lakhs per month by working for 3 hours.

New Delhi. All schools, colleges and training institutes are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Whether it is young children or old people, nowadays everyone is doing online education. Because the craze for online classes has increased a lot. If you are also vacant at home or have lost your job, then there is nothing to worry about. There is absolutely no need to despair because even sitting at home, there are many options that make you independent and give you the opportunity to earn money. Today we are going to tell you the story of one such woman who earns 40,000 rupees per month doing a special teaching course sitting at home and teaching only 3 hours.

leave the IT company
Neha Narang, who lives in Model Town, Delhi, teaches children for 3 hours daily and provides special training for teachers for 2 hours. Ella neha told GKTodayCurrentAffairs.Com that she studied engineering, but she had to leave the job at an IT company after getting married. But she Neha did not like to sit at home. That is why she decided to start her own business. Ella neha she also has two small children, so Ella Neha she can’t be away from her for long, that’s why she was looking for a job that she could do sitting at home and that would also give her a good income.

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Neha Narang, the children of her class

Earn 40 lakhs/month- Neha earns 40 thousand rupees every month. She is currently associated with a company that teaches math to children from KG to class 8. The name of this company is cuemath. It has more than 3,000 centers throughout the country. Which gives special women the chance to win from home. For more information about this company, you can log on the website of

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Teacher taking cuemath class…

How to win with Cuemath

, To become a cuemath member, you must first go to the cuemath website.

, After this, you need to click on the option to become a teacher.

, After which a form will come. Fill out this form and send it.

, Your job will be done by filling out the form. cuemath will call you once these conditions are met.

, After which you will be given an online test and a phone interview.

, After clearing which one you will become a master.

Qualification- To become a teacher, you need to be a graduate. Also, have studied Mathematics up to the 10th grade.

Rate- You will receive training on behalf of the company. For this, the company charges 6,000 rupees.

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you can teach at home
To start this business, you will need a small room where you can sit and teach students. You have to do marketing yourself to engage students. For this marketing, you can use your friends and social networks around you. Neha Narang also started winning by doing the same thing. When Neha started this business in 2016, she only had 3 students. But today they have about 32 students.undefined

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