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If there is 1 lakh rupees, start this business before Diwali, every month you can earn up to 40 thousand

New Delhi. In this festival season, people’s demands change. Now there is only one month left for Diwali and if you are thinking of earning in this month, we have told you about a special business through which you can earn a lot of money. This business can be started in just Rs 1 lakh and its demand never decreases. We are talking about the business of making cookies. Fundraising for this business is not difficult due to consumption and guaranteed returns. You will also easily get a loan under the Mudra scheme of the government. To start up a manufacturing unit to make such cookies, cakes, chips, or breads, you will need to invest in setting up a plant, low-capacity machinery, and raw materials.

biscuit plant cost

Working capital: 1.86 lakh This includes the cost of raw material, ingredients and worker’s salary, packing and rent etc.

Fixed capital: 3.5 lakhs This includes the cost of all kinds of machinery and equipment.

Total cost: Biscuit making business can be started at a cost of Rs 5.36 lakh i.e. Rs 5.36 lakh. In this, by investing only Rs 90 lakhs out of pocket, the remaining amount can be raised within the term of term loan and working capital loan.

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Deposit expense account (Annual/Rs.)

>> Production cost: Rs 14.26 lakh
>> Turnover: Rs 20.38 lakh
>> Gross profit: Rs 6.12 lakh
>> Loan interest: 50 thousand rupees
>> Income tax: Rs 13-15 thousand
>> Other expenses: 70-75 lakhs
>> Net profit: Rs 4.60 lakh
>> Monthly income: 35-40 lakhs

With an annualized return of 38%, the entire investment can be paid off in a year and a half.undefined

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