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IBPS RRB Clerk Main Syllabus 2023

Subject Subject reasoning ability
  • direction/coded-direction
  • blood-relation / coded-blood-relation
  • inequality/coded inequality
  • coding-decoding / coded coding-decoding
  • resultant and coded series
  • Data-Sufficiency (two or three statements)
  • input-output or coded input-output
  • Circular/Triangular/Rectangular/Square Seating Arrangement
  • linear or direction with linear seating arrangement
  • box based puzzles
  • floor or floor-flat based puzzles
  • Compare/categorize/indeterminate/blood-relation-based puzzles
  • day/month/year/age-based puzzle
  • statements and assumptions
  • statement and assumption
  • cause and effect
  • course of action
  • power of reason
  • statement and conclusion
qualitative ability
  • Approximation: BODMAS, Square and Cube, Square and Cube Root, Index, Fraction, Percentage etc.
  • Number Series: Missing Number Series, Wrong Number Series, Double Pattern Series, Statement Based Series
  • Inequality: Quadratic Equations, Quantity Comparison, Statement Based Quadratic Equations
  • Arithmetic: Ratio and Proportion, Percentage, Number System and HCF and LCM, Basic Average of Algebra, Age, Partnership, Mixture and Division, Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Time and Work, Pipe and Tank, Profit and Loss and Discount, Speed ​​Time Distance, Boat and Stream, Train, Mensuration 2D and 3D, Probability, Permutation and Combination etc.
  • Data Interpretation: Table DI, Missing Table DI, Pie Chart DI, Line Chart DI, Bar Chart DI, Mixed DI, Caselet, Radar DI, Arithmetic DI
  • Data Sufficiency: Two Statements and Three Statements
general awareness
  • current affairs
  • state current affairs
  • international current affairs
  • banking awareness
  • economy
  • sports news
  • financial awareness
  • Government. plans/apps
  • Rank and Report
  • defense news
  • science news
  • Tributes
  • static awareness
english language
  • Reading Comprehension: Traditional and Comprehensive
  • phrase rearrangement
  • Word Swap: 3 Word Swap, 4 Word Swap
  • word rearrangement
  • Match Column: 2 Column, 3 Column
  • connectors
  • starters
  • Filler: Double Space, Single Space, Double Space
  • word use
  • Sentence-Based Error: Find the True, Find the Wrong
  • phrase replacement
  • spelling error
  • error correction
  • Idioms and Phrases: Use of Idioms and Phrases, Idioms and Phrase Fillers
  • Cloze Test: Fillers, Replacements
  • sentence rearrangement: a fixed, conventional
  • guess a word
  • opposite passage
  • synonyms and antonyms
  • Blank space
  • placement of spaces in a passage
  • sentence error
  • word error or character error
  • one word phrases
  • Antonyms
  • idioms – proverbs
Computer knowledge
  • fundamentals of computer [History, Types, etc.]
  • computer generation
  • hardware Software [Operating System, Types of Software, Compiler, Interpreter, etc.]
  • input and output devices
  • Memory
  • number system [Binary Number, Conversion, etc.]
  • Computer Language – Generation and its types
  • DBMS – Basic Introduction and Software
  • computer network [TCP & OSI Model, Protocol, Topology, Methods of Communication, Networking Device and Components]
  • introduction of Internet
  • internet keywords
  • internet access [Internet Protocol, E-mail, Chatting, E-Commerce, Internet Browser & its shortcut key, etc.]
  • Network & Data Security [Firewall, Virus, Warm, Malware, Trojan Horse, Key logger, Spyware, Hacking, Phishing, Sniffing, Internet Security, Antivirus, User: Identification, Authentication, Biometric, etc.]
  • Cyber ​​Crime and Cyber ​​Security
  • Multimedia- Its Components and Uses [Audio, Video, Streaming, Animation, Adobe Flash, etc.]
  • Introduction to MS Windows
  • ms office and its application [MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel – Uses & Shortcut keys]
  • computer shortcut keys
  • computer abbreviation
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