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How to hide an Instagram post without deleting it? know the easy way

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  • Instagram is used more in India.
  • Instagram offers users the option to hide posts.
  • Users can share stories with the people of their choice on Instagram

New Delhi. Instagram has become everyone’s favorite social media platform today. Every day the popularity of this application increases. Instagram is used more in India. In October 2021, India topped the list of countries with the most Instagram users. The latest features of the photo sharing app have made it easier to use.

Let us tell you that Instagram allows you to post photos as well as create short videos, live and make video calls. Also, there are some features built into Instagram that help us a lot. Like deleting sent messages, hiding stories for certain people, or even sharing stories with people you like. But many people want to know how to hide their Instagram post without deleting it.

How to hide a post without deleting it?
Many times it happens that you want to show one of your posts only to certain followers, but you are not able to do it, we tell you how you can hide your Instagram posts.

To hide your post, you must first open your Instagram account and then go to your profile. Here now select the post that you want to hide from your fans. For this, you need to click on the three dots in the upper right corner of your post. After this, you will now see the Archive option. Click here to hide the post from your account.

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How to unarchive Instagram posts?
To unarchive your post, you must first open your Instagram account and then go to your profile. After this, you now need to tap on the three dots at the top right corner. Then click on the ‘Archive’ option and you will be able to see the post you previously hid. After that, you need to open your post and click on the three-dotted option. There will now be a name option displayed on your profile. Tap this option.

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