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How much do you know about Virtual Reality? Space travel can be done sitting in the room.


In this age of technology, the use of technology called Virtual Reality has also increased rapidly.
Through Virtual Reality, one can experience another world anywhere and anytime.
Today, virtual reality technology is used in all fields, such as sports, video games, medicine, and defense.

New Delhi. Today, we live in the age of the Internet and technology. In this age of rapidly developing technology, many new technologies are also being developed. One of these new technologies is virtual reality, that is, the imaginary or virtual world. If you haven’t experienced virtual reality or virtual reality, you must have heard of it.

Virtual reality actually gives you the impression of the outside world sitting in a room. By the outside world, we mean those places, where you have to invest a lot of money to come see it. That is, you can see or walk around the Tower of Paris in London or the American Statue of Liberty sitting in India and as you watch, you will feel that you are present near her. So today we bring you detailed information about this “virtual truth”.

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What is virtual reality
Virtual reality is a system of software and hardware present in the computer, through which unreality can become reality. You can understand it this way: Suppose if you want to go to space, then you can feel the atmosphere of space sitting in your house or room through virtual reality. Through virtual reality, people get the experience of going to a different world.

distant world experience
Virtual reality was invented a long time ago, but people started getting familiar with it from the year 1990. Through virtual reality, anyone can bring the experience of an imaginary or distant world anywhere and anytime. Through this you feel that you too are part of that world or exist there. Virtual reality is mainly used for applications related to 3D animation, Visual Studio and multimedia, etc.

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One of the most special things about virtual reality is that even the lies seem to be true. For example, when we are watching a movie or playing a video game many times, the situations that happen in the movie seem real to us, but they are all imaginary.

These places are used more and more
Currently, there are many fields, including education, film, animation, medicine, defense, and science, where technology called virtual reality is being used very fast.

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